“Soul-Centered Storytelling”

You have the ability to change someone’s life, expand their horizons, and alter their perspectives.

In your business. In your personal life.

How?  By telling your story.

Maybe you’ve tried.  But intuitively you’ve known; your story could be told more impactfully.

If you just had some expert guidance on how to do it.

Here’s the video to get you started.

You are a Wild Woman!

Your story embodies your heart, your wisdom, and your passion for life. 

You know at the core that your story has the potential to be a source of hope and inspiration for others. 

So, it’s important that your story see the light of day. 

And I’m here to help!


“Working with Michale on developing my story has been a tremendous help to my business and my self-confidence.  Michale helped me to put into words my “why.” The skill she taught me, to be able to tell my story to both investors and lenders, is valuable and sets me apart from my competition.  Through Story by Design, I have not only been able to achieve my business goals but also develop my personal growth.”

Alison Shunneson

CEO, Runt Bro Management LLC

“Our storytelling sessions and 1:1 coaching have been a journey.  I started it a little scared, but soon realized the power of telling a story instead of delivering just plain facts and data: it gives you the ability to leave your story and its message with the listener. This experience with Michale has allowed me to look deep inside and determine who I want to be as a person, and it has given me the power to connect with people at a different level.”

Melissa Mednikoff

The Boeing Company

Meet Michale

Michale Gabriel has a special gift—the ability to focus an audience both intellectually and emotionally around shared values and purpose.

Frank Blethen, CEO, and Publisher, The Seattle Times

Michale Gabriel has traveled the world as an award-winning professional storyteller, and storytelling coach for over forty years—the former Soviet Union, Uganda, Iraq, Central America, and of course, the U.S. She has demonstrated in a myriad of ways how storytelling can effectively impact corporations, education, healthcare, non-profits, and even citizen diplomacy. Michale has given thousands of performances and reached millions.  She’s taught hundreds of workshops and coached thousands. Michale knows something about how to breathe life into a story.

As a coach, Michale’s gift is listening deeply to her clients, reflecting back on the potential and healing power of their own stories, and then providing the coaching and well-honed processes for bringing them to life.  Her goal is to help her clients become memorable, inspiring, and impactful storytellers. 

To communicate their messages from the soul. To make a difference in the world.

And she’s here to help you.