“Michale exudes two qualities in abundance: open heartedness and curiosity. Her inquisitive nature is like an abundant cornucopia. To taste just a sampling of her interests, I offer: the people of the world, art, history, geography, fabric, animals, worldly cuisine, plants, business, and spirituality. Her openheartedness is evident in her generous hospitality, empathy for others and deep compassion for those less fortunate.

Michale is not a passive traveler on her journey in this world. She has a magical gift for creating story by combining elements of a life into a tapestry that reveals the heart and soul of that life. This is her true art. She helps others discover the brilliance in their life’s story. Along the way, they learn to honor their human journey and deepen compassion of self. Every person she touches in this way is forever changed. “ 

Adrienne McDunn

President/CEO, Personalysis

“Our storytelling sessions and 1:1 coaching have been a journey.  I started it a little scared, but soon realized the power of telling a story instead of delivering just plain facts and data: it gives you the ability to leave your story and its message with the listener. This experience with Michale has allowed me to look deep inside and determine who I want to be as a person, and it has given me the power to connect with people at a different level.”

Melissa Mednikoff

The Boeing Company

“Michale’s vast experience and incredible insight into not only the skills needed for effective storytelling, but also the group dynamics and individual motivations that must be taken into account to reach the end goal, have been immensely helpful to me as a leader in the nonprofit sector. Her work with me has helped me understand that an organization cannot express its mission and engage new partners until it attains internal clarity and alignment. I am looking forward to working with Michale in greater depth and hope that her transformational coaching can be shared with more entities in Costa Rica that are eager to share their story more widely, but often skip some of the essential steps and end up missing the mark.”

Katherine Stanley Obando

Bilingual media director, nonprofit leader, author

Genevieve Searle

Best selling author, Tedx speaker,


Founder/CEO The Optimization Queen


Self & Relationship Optimization with Epigenetics

“I leapt at the opportunity to hire Michale to work with me and my team to better craft the story of what our company offers to our clients and how we’re different from other competitors. I didn’t realize how much I was going to uncover in myself in working with Michale: she can decipher pieces of my story that I don’t even realize that I need to be telling. I have found myself being more confident in sharing with others. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is considering how to better brand themselves, how to become a more inspirational speaker, how to master the art of conveying emotion through story. ”

Aimee Carpenter

CEO, SolTerra Solar