Getting to the Heart of Your Why:

A 5-week Story by Design Introductory Course

With Storytelling Mentor, & Coach, Michale Gabriel

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Created for visionaries, game-changers, influencers and thought leaders

Do you know the source of your “Why?” The Why that fuels what you do in the unique way that you do it?

Your Why is the underpinning of your business. It sources your mission, your vision, and your purpose.

The challenge with finding our personal why is that most of us don’t even know what sources our business at a deeper level.

We don’t know the full story.

And not knowing our full story, means we are not connecting/resonating as powerfully as we could with potential clients.

And even more importantly, with ourselves.

In this 5-week online Group Storytelling Experience with master storyteller and mentor, Michale Gabriel, you will:

  • Begin the process of unearthing your deeper why and how it sources not only your business but your life.
  • Explore the juicy bits of your own journey that make for compelling and memorable storytelling
  • Understand the needs of your targeted audience and what parts of your journey would best resonate with them.
  • Practice the 5 languages of storytelling and how to use them most effectively
  • Learn how to shape your story for maximum impact: which scenes to leave in and most importantly, which scenes to leave out.
  • Address any barriers you might have to sharing your story and guidance on what to do about it.
  • Experience a safe and supportive container of listeners who will provide thoughtful and insightful feedback that will help you to embrace, communicate and celebrate the power of your own story!

In their own words…. What clients are saying:

“The art you have shared with us allows us to visualize…our preferred future…”

“I feel, when we embody things as our own, and personalize them, they stick for a very long time. The art you have shared with us allows us to visualize the creation—our preferred future and to effectively share it with others. I thank you for giving me (and others) a gift of life. It has changed us forever.”

Mohemmed Ansari
Director, Boeing India Technical Leadership Institute

“This experience has profoundly affected me because it has given me a tool to express myself and encourage others to do the same.”

“The appeal of this experience with Michale is that it shows us how to deliver an impactful story and allow the audience to connect to it. It has allowed me to look deep inside and determine who I want to be as a person, who I want to be as an employee and has given me the power to connect with people at a different level. This experience has profoundly affected me because it has given me a tool to express myself and encourage others to do the same.”

Melissa Mednikoff
Business Intelligence Engineer

“I feel empowered each time I speak my story because I am connected to my voice, my truth, my soul and heart.”

“Working with Michale has been an incredible experience. As a result of my work with her, I now fully understand the pathway my soul has taken. I feel empowered each time I speak my story because I am connected to my voice, my truth, my soul and heart. She has the gift of guiding you on your journey to bring forth your authentic wisdom in story form.”

Karen Whelen
Founder, The Soulution Therapist
Waterford, Ireland

“I’d highly recommend to any person who is tasked with leading people into extraordinary outcomes.”

“Michale was able to clearly articulate, through storytelling, the power of wrapping ideas and concepts into a story framework to make it stick and matter. We were all converted into storytelling (and Michale) superfans within 30 minutes. I’d highly recommend Michale’s storytelling guidance and workshops to any person who is tasked with leading people into extraordinary outcomes.”

Mark Sandeno
Founder of Helpful Human and CEO of Experiences


  • Delivered via Zoom
  • Group coaching
  • Breakout rooms
  • Journal prompts between sessions
  • Hot seat 1:1 coaching for several participants
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To be announced. Join the waitlist to be informed of the next dates.

Sessions are 2 hours
NOTE: Costa Rica’s time zone is the same as US Mountain Standard time (MST) from March 12th to November 5th

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About Michale Gabriel

Storytelling is the most human of activities. Animals cannot tell stories.
So, a storyteller as powerful as Michale Gabriel helps us to get in touch with our own humanity.

Jane Yolen
Award-winning author of over 400 books

Esteemed poet and essayist


Michale Gabriel is a Parent’s Choice award-winning performer, international best-selling author, and founder/CEO of Story by Design. She is a story shaper, inspirational keynote speaker, leadership consultant, storytelling master mentor and coach, and workshop facilitator.
Most recently, Michale was voted the Inside Edge Foundation for Education’s “Most Inspirational Speaker of 2021.”
Michale has been engaged professionally in the art of storytelling for over 40 years in the fields of education, health care, international diplomacy, and multinational business.

Her corporate clients include The Boeing Company in the US and India, Infoblox and Western Union, multi-faceted entrepreneurs, as well as individual clients seeking to inspire others by telling their stories.

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Over 10,000 corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and community activists have experienced her 1:1 coaching and Story by Design workshops over the past twenty-six years.

Michale founded the Young Storytellers for Peace US/USSR Program, which was the subject of an award-winning, nationally aired PBS documentary “Young Storytellers in Russia; Teachers for Peace USSR Program; starred in a Russian-produced television storytelling series that promoted intercultural understanding to 50 million viewers during the Cold War, earning her the title of “Russia’s American Fairy Godmother.” She founded the Storytelling Residency Program at Seattle Children’s Hospital, and the “Tell Me A Story” program for rural Alaska.

Michale is a coauthor of Women Gone Wild Wealth Edition (release date: May 2023) and Chicken Soup to Inspire the Body and Soul, a Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow and recently featured in Forbes and USA Today. She serves on the non-profit board of the Amigos of Costa Rica where she is fundraising chair; loves travel, interior design, reading, spending time in nature, exploring cultures & cuisines, pondering spiritual truths, and exploring (and experiencing) what it means to live a passionate, heart-centered life.